• At the end of the nineteenth century on the banks of the Tara, Drina and Ćehotina the need emerged to get the raw lumber in the cheapest way for transpor to the large cities. Felled tree trunks were lowered down the slope to the river and kept in one place until the amount of purchases of tens of thousands of cubic meters. Then make the whole mass was imprinted in the toilet, the path to the desired location. To lower the timber down the river and its follow-up was called triftanje. Tara is also rolling roundwood to Brod na Drini (almost to Foca) and there is a lecture that river. Drina then be able to … Save up to Belgrade, when the need arises. This method of transport wood was used until after World War II. Although today triftanje more distant past, on the sides of the canyon of Tara can still see the scars from that era grooves, so-called “rice”, a series which the trunks slid down to the water.

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