Durmitor Horse riding

There are currently three options available:

1. The hour-long tour starts from our ranch and covers a small part of the Jezerska plateau. The whole time we are accompanied by a view of the Durmitor massif. We recommend it to families with small children or those who are unsure or afraid.

2. Tour that lasts 2 hours: During the tour, we cross most of the Jezerska plateau, pass through a mini canyon and climb to the viewpoint on the hill. Depending on the time of year, we may come across a periodic lake that appears in the spring from melting snow or when there are heavy rains. When there is no lake, the meadow that remains behind it is ideal for a little faster riding.

3. The tour, which lasts a little over 3 hours, crosses the entire Jezerska plateau and reaches Riblje and Vražje lakes. At Devil’s Lake we take a short break for rest and photography, after which we continue the tour and return to our ranch. The view of the Durmitor massif accompanies us all the time.


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