Tara comes from two rivers Opasanica and Veruša below the mountain Komovi. Near the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina, in Šćepan field, together with the Piva River constitutes the Drina river. It is known as the “Tear of Europe”. In the upper course of the river water can freely drink.

  • Tara River Canyon is deep 1333 meters making it the deepest in Europe and the second in the world after the Colorado River canyon. Sam Tara is 146.4 km long, with an average fall of 4.5 m / km, with catchment area 1853 km². Much of the Tara River (including its canyon) is under UNESCO’s protection as part of the National Park Durmitor.
  • This river is ideal for rafting, rafting and fishing. Tara is a natural pearl of Europe, a relic pretechnological times. Here the human factor is of little importance. Tara is located between Bjelasnica, Sinjajevina, Ljubišnje and Durmitor. Its fantastic views, the gentle valleys and wild forests, the rapids with overhanging black pines and the wonderful blue color of the water, breathtaking even the most world travelers. Significant amounts of water Tara comes from numerous sources. The most famous is Bajlovića falls, an extremely plentiful source, where the water that flows from the lake in a cave Bučević falls down in Tara with a height of 30 meters, and its tributaries: Ljutica, Sušića Draga Vaskovacka and rivers. Special visual or auditory experience and represent Tara cascades of which there are more than 40: Devil’s Lies, Sokolovina, Upper and Lower Tepacki cascades and many more whose roar can be heard all round the canyon.
  • Tara and its surroundings are rich in endemic and relict plant species, some of which date from the ice age. Tara basin is ideal for mountain goats, because it gives them the opportunity to seasonal trends (winter in the Durmitor peaks and summer in areas of the canyon). Apart from them, the inhabitants of the Tara forests are deer and wild boar. In the river basin you can find trout, a fish that lives only in very clean water, with grayling, chub, sneep and many other species. Those who love extreme sports should not miss rafting on Tara.
  • We offer one-day and two-day rafting, and within them to cross the river from 12 to 75 km.
  • It starts with Splavišta (hence seen Ljutica waterfalls and the Tara bridge on which commands a beautiful view and from our camp) and then pass through cascades (Funjicki and whiteboards), Misovo wellspring (this is the deepest canyon 1100 meters) below Curevac (1650 m), along the river Draga and Radovan port. Then Tepacki cascades, the Susica canyon and Bailovića SiGe (waterfall) and Brstanovacki cascades. This part of the road is simply breathtaking! Rafting ends at Scepan field. Boats for rafting on the Tara are made exclusively for white water. Every passenger gets a life-jacket and the children a helmet. Our skippers know the river and its whims. With us is completely safe rafting
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