Two days rafting, length of 75 km from the second camp to Šćepan Polje.

Visiting Ljutica River, a left tributary of Tara, which is on two bases in the Guinness Book of Records, the strongest European wellspring with 1000 liters per second and shortest length of the river only 170 meters, we organize swimming in the green waves (Paradise Gardens). Visiting the White springs, river canyon and river Drage Sushica, waterfall Sige Bajlovića. Passing through the deepest part of the canyon 1380m.

The package includes:

fees for boating, compulsory insurance, Ticket NP Durmitor, Licensed rafting guide, van transportation of personal luggage to the place of stay, transport with van from the target (Šćepan) back to the Great Bridge on Tara, nutrition through 5 meals with one drink with meals and accommodation at the camp Radovan port (30 km) or camp Gentian (60 km). The selection of the camp depends on the wishes of guests, the water level and the start of the commencement of the program.

Minimum number of persons in a group is a five. Applications should be made up to two days before the start of the program. Desirable start the program at 09:30 if the overnight in the camp Encijan in BRŠTANOVICA (60 km) and 12.00 if the overnight in the camp Radovan port (30 km) – the first day. Completion of the program at 17:00 if the overnight stay in camp Encijan.

at 20:00. If lodging at the camp Radovan Luka – the second day.

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