• Extremely architectural work of contemporary architecture, a symbol and unavoidable panoramas of the Tara River Canyon is grand Djurdjevica Tara Bridge, between the villages Budečevica and Trešnjica. A large concrete arch bridge was designed by one of the largest construction professionals Kingdom of Yugoslavia, ing. Mijat S. Trojanović.

  • It was built in 1938/40. years. When completed, it was the highest road bridge of reinforced concrete in Europe and one of the largest and most beautiful of transport facilities of this kind in the world. With its strong petolučnom frame, from which the main arch with a span of 116 meters, rises above the canyon over 150 meters deep.
  • During the Second World War to prevent enemy units crossing into Montenegro in 1942, partisans demolished an arc bridge. This task is performed by a structural engineer Jauković Lazar, who took part in the construction of the bridge. Then it was demolished structures last small arched openings with a length of 44 m, while other parts of the bridge remained intact. Jauković the Italians were caught and shot them on the bridge. The people of Durmitor region, in memory of his heroic act, he raised his monument near the bridge where he was buried. After liberation, the bridge was repaired and officially opened to traffic in September 1946
  • Another indicator of the skills of its master builder is the fact that during the construction of the tallest wooden scaffolding erected around the world


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