• At only 20 kilometers from our Eco-Camp was located and Zabljak municipality of the same name, which is an integral part of Durmitor area, and covers an area of 445 square kilometers. A small town in the foothills of Durmitor, where “most beautiful cruelty of nature”, attracts tourists from all over the world. It is considered the urban area at the highest altitude in South Eastern Europe. Here, at 1450 meters above sea level snow remains up to six months, and the height of the snow blanket exceeds two meters.
  • The whole area is ideal for hiking, mountain biking, free climbing, orienteering, paragliding … opportunities for rafting, jeeping, pits and caves for spelunking, river rafting and kayaking, canoeing, hiking and lakes for swimming … And when you come back to the camp you will enjoy a dream on which you dreamed. Of course, inevitably resort for families is the Black Lake. About his crystal blue color have written many travel writers and poets. In winter it is covered of ice in summer, warm up to 20 degrees so that it can swim. Randomly shaped nature, majestic, monitor and myths, traditional tales about fairies, dragons, devils …
  • Durmitor is “homeland” of Duke Momcilo and his winged horse JABUCILO and mythical figures Njal. The highest point in the municipality is the peak of Durmitor Bobotov kuk (Cirova cave Celestial SOA) with an altitude of 2523 meters and the lowest at the mouth of the river Susica in to Tara – 512 meters. According to the last census, the Municipality of Zabljak lives 4,929 residents. Agriculture and animal husbandry, along with forestry and primary processing of wood, traditional occupations that now their future is increasingly seen in the domains of economy and tourism, which ties in with it. Jagged relief and elevation significantly affect the climate of Durmitor. Up to 1,200 meters above sea level predominant sub-alpine and alpine climate above.
  • On Durmitor during the entire summer, the snow has a thick alluvium in the long Kalici is 200 to 300 meters and is suitable for skiing and when the Montenegrin coast, located a few hours drive, and temperature to 40 degrees.
  • Zabljak is located on the northwest side of the lake surface and on the north side of Durmitor. With an altitude of 1,450 meters – the tallest urban settlement in the Balkans. According to legend, the name comes from the frogs that live on the site Islands and that their croak each year announce the arrival of spring. Before that, the village was called Varezina Water and ANOVA (Hanovi)
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