Tara river – One day rafting -12km

We offer three variants of rafting: 12, 30 and 75 kilometers. One day rafting in the heart of the national park Durmitor.

Tara river – One day rafting 30km

One day rafting on the length of 30 km from the second camp, to Radovan Luka with safari ride from Radovan Luka to Zabljak.


Two days rafting, length of 75 km from the second camp to Šćepan Polje.


SPECIAL OFFER – rafting on wooden rafts

SPECIAL OFFER – Tara rafting on traditional wooden rafts


Experience the unforgettable adrenaline rush !!! What is the ZIP LINE? Zip Line has emerged as the needs of the residents of mountain areas to cross the rivers and gorges where it was not possible to build bridges, and in the last twenty years got himself and its sports and recreational aspect.


Eco Camp KLJAJEVICA LUKA is located on the most beautiful part Djurdjevića Tara. On the large and beautifully landscaped area of 5 hectares there are sports facilities, bungalows, a few summer houses, space for camping and camping. Here is everything you need for a great holiday in nature. After rafting river Tara enjoy nature, beautiful view of the bridge Djurdjevića Tara, ride a bike, go fishing, play sports …


Bridge on Tara River

Extremely architectural work of contemporary architecture, a symbol and unavoidable panoramas of the Tara River Canyon is grand Djurdjevica Tara Bridge, between the villages Budečevica and Trešnjica. A large concrete arch bridge was designed by one of the largest construction professionals Kingdom of Yugoslavia, ing. Mijat S. Trojanović.

Tara river

Tara comes from two rivers Opasanica and Veruša below the mountain Komovi. Near the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina, in Šćepan field, together with the Piva River constitutes the Drina river. It is known as the “Tear of Europe”. In the upper course of the river water can freely drink.


Durmitor mountain is a national park in Montenegro. The highest peak is Bobotov hip high 2,523 yards. [1] It is believed that the name derives from the Celtic Durmitor word “society we tore” which means “mountain full of water.”

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